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    I know what you're thinking. Who is that mysterious figure, gazing wistfully into the distance? I imagine the text overlay gave you a bit of a clue, but of course, a name tells you little. That's what this landing page is for; it's a sort of conduit for my thoughts, my passions and what I stand for.

    Dr Marek Kubik Keynote One Young World

    Sustainability Pioneer

    Let's start with work. I think engineering and technology has a critical role in our future prosperity and (not to get all melodramatic about it) survival as a species. Most critical to this is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy, for which energy storage is a critical missing piece. After my PhD I worked to develop Europe's first commercial multi-megawatt scale battery energy storage array - a role for which I was recognised as Energy Institute Young Energy Professional of the Year. I have since helped to establish and scale cleantech businesses to accelerate the growth of storage worldwide, for which Forbes made me an honouree of their 30 Under 30 list in 2017. I'm a passionate technology evangelist and public speaker on clean energy, from school STEM programs to plenary keynotes with audiences of several thousand delegates.

    Dr Marek Kubik TEDx TED Talk

    Technology Futurist

    I spend a lot of time thinking about the world we live in and the science and technology breakthroughs that are shaping the world. The future isn't some abstract, distant utopia (or dystopia) but round the corner. The technology adoption curve is accelerating, often with implications difficult to comprehend. It's a topic that fascinates me and I'm a frequent media contributor through various platforms on the topic; recently giving a TED talk (ranked one of the top Cleantech talks by both Forbes and Freeing Energy) on a vision for the possible future energy system we are rapidly converging towards, shapaed by technology and people. I hope that by understanding and exploring these possible visions, we can better equip ourselves to deal with the fourth industrial revolution and its impact on society.

    Marek Kubik

    Serial Wanderluster

    I'm an avid traveller and digital nomad, having visited 60+ countries across 6 continents and taking over 100 flights a year (yes, aviation is another passion - especially developments to make aviation a sustainable way of connecting the world). I think that finding new angles and perspectives on all global issues is critical for helping us build bridges rather than walls between communities; and desperately needed in a world heading in the opposite direction. I'm passionate about developing cultural fluency and better understanding others. As a second generation immigrant that grew up in a small English village without all that much diversity, travelling and working in different places around the world has brought me lifelong friends across continents, opened my eyes to different cultures and awed me with the diverse beauty of our planet.

  • TED Talk

    Featured in top TED talks on Clean Energy by both Forbes and Freeing Energy


    I like to face the kind of challenges that are imperative for humanity to solve head on. It feels like the best way to make a difference in the world. It's why energy and sustainability are so important to me.

    Industry Futurist

    I have a decade of experience in technology entrepreneurship in energy, sustainability and international development. In my career I've developed a skillset to break down complex issues, inform key strategic decisions and create pathways to scale. I am a founding member and director of Fluence in EMEA, bringing energy storage technology and services to transform the way we power our world and accelerate the path to 100% renewable energy.

    Academic Ponderer

    Being fascinated with the way things work from a young age I took the path of completing both a masters and doctorate in engineering (an industry base PhD), with a focus on how to make better use of renewable energy. I remain a guest lectuer at the Energy Delta Institute, and an invited speaker on sustainability at institutions including Imperial College, Henley Business School, Cambridge University and the United Nations.

    Policy Advisor

    I also worked for a time in Westminster as a Visiting Fellow at POST, advising policy and developing cross-party briefing notes for parliamentarians in both houses. Whilst living in Northern Ireland I represented the Energy Institute on the Stormont Science and Technology All-Party Group. I remain involved in supporting the development of policy through consultations and stakeholder engagement, sitting on the Power Responsive steering group.


    Some of my thoughts, musings, and ruminations. I also contribuute to Forbes here.

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    I love to get involved in a whole host of things to challenge myself and develop as a person, as well as hopefully improve the world in some small way. Consider these my other passions.

    The Explorer

    I'm an avid traveller, with a thirst to experience new cultures and meet new people. I've explored 6 continents, from deserts to rainforests, mountain peaks to ocean floors. Heading off to foreign places and making them part of my outlook is vital to me.

    The Photographer

    I love to capture the world's diverse wonders and curiosities through a lens, and have amassed a diverse collection from my travels. In 2015 I founded a start-up to exhibit my photography to sell prints, running several successful exhibitions.

    The Volunteer

    I'm a member of startup charity Think Universal Power, which works to provide access to electricity in isolated communities. For 3 years I was also an activist at sustainable development charity EWB-UK, managing

    various international projects.

    The Mentor

    I've mentored students from deprived communities and difficult backgrounds, aiming to lift their aspirations. The school I worked with succeeded in doubling its GCSE pass rate, and I'm proud to have made a small contribution towards that.

    The Googler

    Being a bit of a tech nerd, I was thrilled to secure a visit to Mountain View, Google's HQ. I got the chance to trade insights with some brilliant smart creatives that work in sustainability there, crash the Google Science Fair and ride the campus bikes.

    The Ambassador

    As a STEMNET ambassador, I teach STEM to students of all ages right up to university and even internationally (taking a class of 6th formers in Brasilia). I've reached over 500+ students to date and in 2015 received a special recognition award for 'substantial contribution to STEM'.

    The Polyglot

    I'm fortunate to be bilingual, but learning other languages didn't capture my interest until after I finished school. I became particularly captivated by Spanish and took it upon myself to begin to learn in my spare time. I'm glad I did, as it introduced me to some wonderful new friends, cuisine and culture.

    The Actor

    Film industry friends rejuvenated my interest in the creative arts (and yes that is the real Iron Throne). I'm a registered Extra and have appeared in several film and tv productions including Cannes feature film 'A Christmas Star' (alongside Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson!).

    The Physicist

    NASA do more than fling rockets (and people) into space. They also have a big role in helping understand the world we live in. I worked with NASA data in my doctorate to validate a new way of simulating wind power, receiving a high commendation from the Institute of Physics in 2015.

    The YLUKer

    During the Obama years I was a member of the US Embassy's UK Young Leaders program. The US Mission recognised this as a key way to strengthen the US-UK special relationship. We regularly connected with the US Ambassador and business leaders (e.g. Uber, Faceboook) through hosted local events.

  • John F Kennedy

    "The problems of the world cannot possibly solved by sceptics or cynics. We need men that can dream of things that never were, and ask why not."


    Some of the diverse projects I've gotten involved with.

    Sustainable housing in India

    Mission: salvage international development project, empower locals.

    Analysis into an international development project to identify why earthquake resistant dome housing structures were failing. I worked with an Indian NGO and development charity EWB to find a solution. I also developed structural analysis tools that empowered the NGO to teach structural design to its students. This was recognised by the Frazer-Nash Consultancy Award for Innovation and the honour of ICE Civil Engineering Student of the Year.

    Marek Kubik Photography

    Photography start-up

    Mission: take stories, not pictures.

    With encouragement from friends and family, I set out to stretch my entrepreneurial muscles and begin sharing my passion for travel photography. I've set up a website and negotiated some resale agreements through local businesses. I've exhibited in DOCK Cafe and Kaffe O in Belfast and been interviewed by BBC radio about my work and inspiration.

    Europe's biggest battery

    Mission: introduce game changing technology to market.

    I had a key role in the development of (at that time) Europe's largest and first fully commercial battery energy storage array in 2015, aligning stakeholders to accelerate market opening. The UK Government hailed it as 'game changing green technology' that will help integrate renewables, reduce bills and improve energy security. For my role leading the project I was named the Energy Institute Young Energy Professional of the Year.

    Carbon reduction

    Mission: cut EMEA office carbon footprint 20%.

    Asked by the regional president of a global energy company to report on their Europe, Middle East and Africa HQ carbon footprint. I produced a baseline report of emissions and was backed to support a project team to act on the findings. Ongoing monitoring identified the changes we implemented more than doubled our goal, reducing emissions by 40% after 2 years.

    Managing renewable intermittency

    Mission: figure out how to make wind work.

    I led collaborative industry and academic research to inform corporate strategy and identify challenges with renewables integration in Ireland. This highlighted opportunities to improve system security, reduce costs £1.9m and emissions by 20,000 tCO2 per year. The University of Reading awarded me TSBE Researcher of the Year for my analysis and strategic plan.

  • Steve Jobs

    "The people who are crazy enough to think they'll change the world are the ones that do"


    The following energy systems and energy modelling papers were written during the course of my doctorate, my ongoing Visiting Research Fellowship with Reading University, and more recent industry collaborations. I've made those I can open access so that you can hopefully benefit from them also!

    Journal Papers

    Brogan, P. V., Best, R., Morrow, J., Duncan R., Kubik, M.L, Stacking Battery Energy Storage Revenues with Enhanced Service Provision. IET Smart Grid 2019, Available online 05 September 2019. DOI: 10.1049/iet-stg.2018.0255.

    Link to Journal


    Brogan, P. V., Best, R., Morrow, J., McKinley, K., Kubik, M.L, Effect of BESS Response on Frequency and RoCoF During Under Frequency Transients. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. Vol 34: Issue 1. January 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TPWRS.2018.2862147.

    Link to Journal


    Brogan, P. V., Best, R., Morrow, J.; Gharavi, H.; Kubik, M.L., Modelling optimisation and protection outcomes from distributed assets controlled to reduce a PMU based multi-objective cost function. The Journal of Engineering. October 2018. Vol: 2018, Issue 15. DOI: 10.1049/joe.2018.0241

    Link to Journal


    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, C. Hunt. The role of conventional generation in managing variability. Energy Policy Journal. Volume 50, November 2012, Pages 253–261. DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2012.07.010

    Link to Journal


    Kubik, M.L., D.J. Brayshaw, P.J. Coker and J. F. Barlow. Exploring the role of reanalysis data in simulating regional wind generation variability. Renewable Energy Journal. Volume 57, September 2013, Pages 558-561 . DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2013.02.012, 2013.

    Link to Journal


    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, J.F. Barlow and C. Hunt. A study into the accuracy of using meteorological wind data to estimate turbine generation output. Renewable Energy Journal. Volume 51, March 2013, Pages 153-158. DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2012.08.084

    Link to Journal


    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, and J.F. Barlow. Increasing thermal plant flexibility in a high renewables power system. Applied Energy Journal. Volume 154, September 2015, Pages 102-111. DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2015.04.063

    Link to Journal

    Conference Papers

    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker and C. Hunt. An overview of the current status of research into adopting high levels of renewables in Ireland. World Renewable Energy Congress XI Conference Proceedings. Elsevier. Abu Dhabi, 2010.



    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker and C. Hunt. Adopting high levels of renewable electricity: an international perspective on approaches. 1st Annual TSBE EngD Conference Proceedings. Reading University, 2010.



    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, C. Hunt. Using meteorological wind data to estimate turbine generation output: a sensitivity analysis. World Renewable Energy Congress 2011 Conference Proceedings. Elsevier. Linkoping University, Sweden, 2011.



    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, C. Hunt and A.B Awbi. The impacts of renewable resource variability on conventional thermal generators. 2nd Annual TSBE EngD Conference Proceedings. Reading University, 2011.



    Kubik, M.L., D.J. Brayshaw and P.J Coker. Reanalysis: An improved data set for simulating wind generation? World Renewable Energy Forum 2012 Conference Proceedings. Denver, USA, 2012.



    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, M. Miller and J. F. Barlow. The value of reducing minimum stable generation for integrating wind energy. 3rd Annual TSBE EngD Conference Proceedings. Reading University, 2012.



    Kubik, M.L., M. Miller and P.J. Coker. The impacts and proposed solutions to significant renewable resource variability in Northern Ireland. AES Innovation Congress. Indianapolis, USA, 2013.



    Kubik, M.L., P.J. Coker, M. Miller and J. F. Barlow. Responding to the challenges of wind variability. 4th Annual TSBE EngD Conference Proceedings. Reading University, 2013.



    P. Brogan, A.H. Alikhanzadeh, R. Best, J. Morrow, and M. L. Kubik, "Fast Frequency Response Requirements for Replacement of Observed Generator Response During Under Frequency Transients" 2017 Cigré | International Symposium, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland, 2017.



    P. Brogan, R. Best, J. Morrow, Gharavi, H. and M. L. Kubik , "Modelling Optimisation and Projection Outcomesfrom Distributed Assets Controlled to Reduce a PMU Based Multi-Objective Cost Function" IET DPSP, March 2018.



    P. Brogan, R. Best, J. Morrow, C. Bradley, M. Rafferty and M. L. Kubik, "Triggering BESS Inertial Response with Synchronous Machine Measurements" 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, August 5 - 10, Portland, USA.



    R. Best, A.H. Alikhanzadeh, P. Brogan, J. Morrow, M. L. Kubik and B. Mongan, "Reactive Power Injection from Battery Energy Storage During Voltage Dips at a Thermal Power Plant" 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, August 5 - 10, Portland, USA.



    P. Brogan, R. Best, J. Morrow, A.H. Alikhanzadeh and M. L. Kubik , "Per Unit Displacement of Synchronous Inertia With BESS Synthetic Inertia Devices" 2019 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, August 4 - 8, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


    Thesis and Dissertation

    Kubik, M.L., The impact of high levels of renewable generation on conventional fossil fuel based electricity markets. Doctoral Thesis, The University of Reading. October 2013.



    Kubik, M.L., The Structural Analysis of Geodesic Domes. Engineering Masters Thesis, Durham University School of Engineering, April 2009.



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